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Director of Coaching, Professor James Pape Coaching Update

Dear Members, Please be aware, that If the following criteria has not been met then regrettably we are unable to allow you to take part in any NGB coaching courses. The National Governing Body’s Coaching Criteria must be met in order for us to fulfill our role as a National Governing Body. CRITERIA Registration and full payment received minimum 2 months prior to course. Distance Learning Modules completed and returned 1 month minimum. Full CRB Up to date 1st Aid Certificate (Paediatric 1st Aid on renewal required as per incoming government guide lines) Membership up to date. Professional Indemnity Insurance up to date. Resident Dojo insurance and registration up to date. If there is a specific problem with distance learning, dyslexia or other such conditions the candidate should inform the


当身 Atemi - I wrote this to present for my 5th Dan grading for Atemi points. Its not perfect, but an insight in to how to strike, kick, grab, hold, twist etc to vulnerable parts of the body.  AW Nov 2017 Hair- Grabbing -Pulling can cause excruciating pain, twisting affects the nerves and is painful, because the hair is sensitive this can cause watering of the eyes, blurred vision. Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis. Ears- Cupping-The ear is the organ for hearing, Cupping the ears can cause temporary hearing loss with a mild blow, heavy force could result in permanent loss of hearing and could rupture the eardrum. Nose-Striking can cause fracturing and heavy bleeding, also swelling of the eyes, possible


IAIDO ~ Traditional Japanese Budo What is Iaido ? Iaido is one of the Traditional Japanese Budo, concerned with the drawing of a  sword and cutting in the same motion. ( Kata ).  You make no impact with a person or object.  Your opponent or opponents are imaginary It is practiced solo, without protective coverings and when a certain high standard is achieved, a Shin-ken ( real/live blade) can be used. Practitioners, over time improve technique, precision as well as balance, control and grace in body and mind. History It is thought that Iaido began in the mid 1500’s with Hayashizaki Jinsuke Shigenobu ( 1542 – 1621 ) being the founder member.  However, there were literally several thousand schools in Japan with only a few remaining

Black belt gradings

Bushido Ju-jitsu Academy

Three Bushido black belts took their respective next grade in front of the senior panel at this year's annual course. Sensei Ryan Harper successfully graded to 3rd Dan. Ryan from Barnoldswick Ju-jitsu was delighted after a grueling grading. Sensei Mark Faulker also from Barnoldswick received his 4th Dan from Sensei James Pape. Mark performed brilliantly and raised the bar for others to follow. Dorset based instructor Sensei Andy Walker went on to grade to 5th Dan. Andy has been training for over 30 years and was delighted with the positive feedback from the judging panel. The next grading date will be announced in January 2018. New Bushido Black belt 18 Year old George Pearce from Poole Bushido has being working hard over the last 12 months