About Us

Bushido Ju-jitsu Academy International                                                 

The Academy has been growing for over thirty years! The success is down to the hard work all the instructors put in.

The Academy was founded by Sensei James Pape, 10th Dan, & Sensei Paul Geoghegan, 9th Dan.

The evolution of Ju-jitsu has been well documented in many books & websites over many years. The battlefield techniques were developed to equip the warriors with fighting skills suitable to the rules and techniques of warfare at that time. These brutal skills were purely practical and if the beauty of the art was a factor at all, it was certainly a lesser factor than the pure effectiveness of the fighting techniques themselves. 

You can find out more about the academy, our style, heritage, courses and keep up to date with news and events from throughout the academy. Don’t forget to like us on facebook & follow us on twitter to get the latest updates. The BJJA brings the martial art of Jujitsu within reach of everyone. Our founder believed that every individual can learn Jujitsu. We hope you find this site both informative and inspirational.

The Bushido academy has a progressive and forward thinking martial arts organisation. With the ever-changing dynamics of the world we recognize the history and practice of traditional martial arts, but have developed the style for a modern ever-evolving society.

Our aim is to work with you to help you reach your technical and spiritual goals. Our academy is based on the code of the warrior (bushido code) and this is something we hold close, promote and actively encourage.
Everyone who trains with us is part of the BJJA family. It is made up and run by dedicated and high level instructors who have developed their style directly under the influence of Sensei James pape.

To join Email:  pape@blueyonder.co.uk