Belt system & Gradings

  • Belt System & Gradings

  • Taking a formal grading and being awarded your next belt is one of the most rewarding parts of practising a martial art. The Bushido academy believe that each grade should be a challenge, and gradings are neither too frequent nor a given. Students are entered for grading when they are individually ready. The early grades are more simple, but will still be a challenge for those new to martial arts.

    Grades lead on naturally, following a smooth learning curve that leads the student from one step to the next until they are ready to aim for the ultimate grade of Black Belt. Junior students train for a number of “intermediate” belts in between the full-colour belts so that the syllabus is split into manageable chunks. Adults progress through the coloured belts below.

    • Ju Jitsu Belts

      Red Belt

      White Belt (7th Kyu)

      Introduction – At white belt you learn the basics of stance and coordination. Juniors also train for yellow-stripe belt.

      Yellow Belt (6th Kyu)

      Basics – At yellow belt you learn a range of simple blocks, locks, and throws. Juniors then take the orange-stripe belt.

      Orange Belt (5th Kyu)

      Follow-on – Orange belt starts to introduce slightly more technical moves. Juniors then take the green-stripe belt.

      Green Belt (4th Kyu)

      Application – Consistency of good technique, with effective blocks, throws and finishes. Juniors take orange belt and green-stripe belt before progressing to full green belt.

      Blue Belt (3rd Kyu)

      Understanding – Techniques are well executed, with a deeper understanding of why they work, and you are able to adjust techniques accordingly if necessary. Juniors train for blue-stripe belt before taking blue belt.

      Purple Belt (2nd Kyu)

      Accuracy – Crisp, clean and accurate demonstration of blocks, kicks, and some more advanced throws. Juniors also take purple-stripe belt before purple belt.

      Brown Belt (1st Kyu)

      Effectiveness – You understand all techniques and can perform them accurately, demonstrating the ability to effectively use the techniques in a street self-defence situation. Juniors also take brown-stripe belt.

      Black Belt (1st Dan)

      Dedication – “The achievement of Black Belt requires the student to take a mental step forward. To believe in themselves; to trust their instructor; to continue training when it seems impossible. The student must have both drive and humility. They must speak truthfully to themselves and say ‘I will do this now’. “

      Juniors take black stripe belt and then their junior black belt.