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Little Dragons had its first class.

History of Bushido: Part 3

The history of the Bushido Ju Jitsu Academy – Part 3 By David Brough Jujitsu continued in Liverpool after WWII with Jack Britten and Gerald Skyner continuing to run dojos. Another significant development was the formation of the British Ju Jitsu Association (BJJA) by James Blundell (1921-1989) in 1956. Blundell may have been a student of Benjamin Green (student of […]

History of Bushido: part 2

The history of the Bushido Ju Jitsu Academy – Part 2 By David Brough The students of Uyenishi would go on to establish the British Ju Jitsu Society (BJJS), potentially in 1924 with Percy Bickerdike as the first secretary. Unfortunately little exists of the BJJS today. However BJJA(GB) Chairman Martin Dixon did uncover BJJS documents dating from the mid-1920s. These […]

Prof Paul Geoghegan 9th Dan

A huge congratulations to Professor Paul Geoghegan 9th who was awarded the rank of professor by senior British Ju-jitsu association masters at the annual general meeting at the British championships. Sensei Geoghegan is the senior academy instructor who is still busy teaching every week at the Bushido headquarters in Ellesmere port was delighted by the hounor and will continue to […]

Little Dragon

A great start to our new class for our Little Dragons at Bushido Headquaters. Sensei Phil Rhodes heads up the class with assistant instructor Millie Collins. The juniors loved there time on the mat learning important skills such as balance, coordination’s, confidance as well as a build up a great foundation for awesome ju-jitsu skills. Well done team.   The […]

Director of Coaching, Professor James Pape Coaching Update

Dear Members, Please be aware, that If the following criteria has not been met then regrettably we are unable to allow you to take part in any NGB coaching courses. The National Governing Body’s Coaching Criteria must be met in order for us to fulfill our role as a National Governing Body. CRITERIA Registration and full payment received minimum 2 […]


当身 Atemi – I wrote this to present for my 5th Dan grading for Atemi points. Its not perfect, but an insight in to how to strike, kick, grab, hold, twist etc to vulnerable parts of the body.  AW Nov 2017 Hair– Grabbing -Pulling can cause excruciating pain, twisting affects the nerves and is painful, because the hair is sensitive […]


IAIDO ~ Traditional Japanese Budo What is Iaido ? Iaido is one of the Traditional Japanese Budo, concerned with the drawing of a  sword and cutting in the same motion. ( Kata ).  You make no impact with a person or object.  Your opponent or opponents are imaginary It is practiced solo, without protective coverings and when a certain high […]