Gradings -Super Saturday

Saturday 7th December 2019 will see 12 Bushido students grade at the Bushido headquarters in Ellesmere Port.

Super Saturday will host clubs from around the UK in a marathon session of Ju-jitsu skills. Headed by Professor Paul Geoghegan 9th Dan & Sensei James Pape 10th Dan. All the senior club instructors have been working for months on getting their students ready to boast their Ju-jitsu skills in front of the senior grades at Bushido HQ.

First up (Running order) will be John 1st Dan from Wilmslow Bushido under Sensei Andy Smith 3rd Dan, then next up will be Claudia Robinson 1st kyu from Poole Bushido under Sensei Andy Walker 5th Dan.

Two dojo rooms are available and the next two candidates are Ian Summersgill – 2nd Dan from Barnoldswick Bushido  under Sensei Richard Asbery 7th Dan & Eoin 1sth kyu from Wilmslow Bushido under Sensei Andy Smith 3rd Dan.

Then Rebekka Pickles – 1st Dan  from Barnoldswick Bushido & Jordan Smith from Wings Bushido under Sensei Dave Jones 2nd Dan. Next up is John Conway 1st Kyu from Barnoldswick Bushido & Aaron Abidi 1st Kyu from Wings Bushido. Lee McAteer 1st Kyu from Ellesmere Port under Sensei Dave Gardner 5th Dan & Phil Malki 1st Kyu from Wilmslow Bushido.

The last two candidates are Matthew Hayes 1st Kyu from Ellesmere Port & Mark Windle 1st Dan from Colne Bushido under Sensei Robert Hope 6th Dan.

It will be a prestigious day with with most of the senior Dan grades coming together the final grading session for 2019 and we wish all the very best to all the students grading.

Officials & Uki's for the day.

Uki's - Lahcen Kebdi, Dary McNamara, Danny Angel, Sara Harris,  Julie Smith, George Pearce, Becky Cusato, Aoife Davies-Gardner, Richie Parry, Dary McNamara, Danny, Mark Faulkner, Ryan Harper, David Brough, Nathan Buckley, Jay Jones, Fraser Benjamin, Steve Silcock, Lewis Rim, Richie Parry, Steve White, Steve Halligan, Dave Carron, Andy Benjamin.

Officals -Sensei Pape, Sensei Geoghagen, Sensei Asberi, Sensei Gardner, Sensei Asbery, Sensei Atkinson, Sensei Scratcherd, Sensei Rhodes, Sensei Hope, Sensei Walker, Sensei Pryce


Bushido Ju-jitsu Academy Super Saturday gradings
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