Okami Jiu-jitsu

Bushido Students take on Okami Jiu-jitsu

Colne Bushido medal winners

Students from Colne Bushido & Bushi Ryu Ju-jitsu attended the 2nd Okami Ju-jitsu course & competition held in Chesterfield Derbyshire.

A bigger affair than last year which attracted more talent to test the bushido students which was run by the Okami Jiu-jitsu team headed by Sensei John Rake 8th Dan.

Welsh club Bushi Ryu had a few students on the winning rostrum, with William Bowen winning silver, Kai Morris winning Gold & Tileigh Bowen winning a silver medal all in Continuous fighting.  Club instructor Sensei Andy Pryce 6th Dan was proud of his students competing outside of the comfort zone of the academy.

Bushi Ryu students show of the medals

Colne Bushido also attended the competition and took a larger team. Colne Bushido headed by Sensei Robert Hope 6th Dan and Sensei Mark Windle. The team had an impressive day taking multiply medals with Club instructor Sensei Robert Hope winning an impressive Gold medal in continuous fighting.

Bushido Colne competitors were:- Lewis Kitson won a Gold, Oskar Green won a Bronze, Bede won a bronze, Charlie & Aiden both won bronze medals, Hugo & Oscar both took a gold medal each, Joe S won a silver, Paige won a gold, Rhys won a bronze, Cole Won a bronze, Nawira won a bronze, Amarah & Mohammad both took bronze medals & Finley Grim also took a bronze medal. all in all Colne Bushido won 10 Bronze medals, one silver & 5 gold medals. A great effort

With Bushi Ryu & Colne Bushido the Bushido academy tally for the weekend was 10 Bronze, 4 silvers & 5 gold medals

Poole Bushido instructor Sensei Andy Walker also attend the course & comp for the 2nd time was also impressed with the Bushido students testing themselves on an open stage commenting on the impressive skills shown & the true Bushido sprit.

The next Okami course & comp will be on 28th March 2020 in Skegness, Lincolnshire.


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